copylibs doesn’t support the “excludeFromCopy” attribute

While building a NeBbeans 7.4 project in an earlier version of NetBeans you can get this error (Bug 231468) during compiling.

C:\<project root>\<project>\nbproject\build-impl.xml:834: copylibs doesn’t support the “excludeFromCopy” attribute

Suppose you are trying to clean and build a NetBeans projects(previously build with later version of NetBeans IDE) using an earlier version, this problem occurs.

To solve this problem:
A. Install the later version of NetBeans. or

B. If you do not want to install the later version of NetBeans, do the following changes to let the code compile

-Open <your project>\nbproject\build-impl.xml
-Find the lines containing <copylibs … excludeFromCopy= … ></copylibs>
-Delete the excludeFromCopy attribute from the above lines (not the entire row just the attribute), and now your code should be able to compile.



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